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Khalid Jamal is Principal Consultant & CEO at Orion PR & Digital Pvt. Ltd.
We challenge to innovate and thereby set trends - Khalid Jamal
Mr. Jamal heads a team which is in tune with rapidly changing business environment. A team with hands-on experience in how business and communications works.
For Orion PR, image of the client is something that we go a step beyond to uphold.

About Us

PR Firm - About us

Orion PR is a leading digital and PR agency that has offices across India. As an PR agency with client experience of over 20 years, we provide out-of-the-box solutions to our esteemed clients.
We take pride in our ability to communicate with wide range of clients including but not limited to - Corporate businesses, educational Institutions, political parties, investors, regulatory bodies, government, healthcare, technology and the media.