Practice Area

  • Consumer, Lifestyle, Media, Entertainment & Hospitality

    Our reputation pitchforks brands into the consumers consideration. We achieve this through a fine balance of visibility in the media and innovative ground and social media activities.
  • Healthcare & Social

    Our IEC (Information, Education and Communication) model helps in effective communication in this sector.
  • Corporate & Financial

    Our corporate reputation module helps in building and managing corporate equity and engaging with stakeholders.
  • Infrastructure, Industry Bodies , Govt & NGOs

    We help many Govt Depts, and NGOs helping communicate issues with larger implications and highlight them in public domain for resolution and for building and managing public opinion.
  • Technology, Online B2B / B2C, Start-ups & B2B

    We help clients in this segment with campaigns for promoting businesses, driving sales and mobilizing potential investors.

Our Team

Khalid Jamal

Khalid Jamal

Possesses over two decades' experience in Reputation Management.

Sheeba Battacharya

6+ years in PR, Digital, Ad Selling ,Client Servicing, Media Advertising.

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