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Consumer PR, Lifestyle PR, Media & Entertainment PR :
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Being a top PR agency in Delhi, the brand reputation model that we apply on a brand-building ccampaign pitchforks the brand into the considerable set of the target audience. We achieve this through high visibility campaigns combining a fine balance of product visibility in the media and innovative ground activities aimed at ensuring high brand recall.
Healthcare PR & Social PR :
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We work closely with a number of Hospitals, diagnostic service companies, individual doctors, NGOs and pharmaceutical companies to design, develop and implement IEC (Information, Education and Communication) campaigns with objectives ranging from creating disease-awareness to popularizing methods of disease-prevention, from motivating TGs to adopting good health practices to build traffic to the health centers. The multi-media approach we adopt for Healthcare campaigns uusing IEC has witnessed success in all our campaigns across various specialties and making us standalone amoungst best PR agencies in Delhi.

Our campaign typically has all components of communication ranging from rural communication for media-dark areas to tools of oral communication for mass awareness and training of health workers that is required for a top Pr firm in Delhi. The variety of campaign we handle ranges from condom promotion to adoption of safer methods for preventing HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Heart Diseases etc.
Corporate PR & Financial PR :
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Our corporate reputation module helps in building and managing corporate equity and engaging stakeholders in a way that facilitates long term equation and confidence.

We devise winning financial PR campaigns covering all three phases (in the run up to, during and post event phases) for IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions, Takeovers etc and engaging the relevant TGs through a series of PR activities and tools for effective long -term communication.

In this practice, we also work with organizations having financial products such as Mutual Funds, Insurance and Banking.
INDUSTRY PR, Lobbying, Issues & Crisis Management::
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As a PR agency in Delhi we work with a number of industry bodies, trade associations and NGOs helping them communicate issues with larger implications and highlight them in public domain for resolution and for building and managing public opinion.
Technology PR & Business-to-Business PR :

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In this practice area, we work with organizations from sectors like Information Technology, Bio-technology, Industrial products companies and service industry players such as Computer Software companies and Consultancies etc. We have over the years honed our skills for this specialist communications task and have impressive portfolio of successful campaigns in this domain.

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